Evin Brady

Evin Brady is a singer/songwriter hailing from Southwest Oklahoma. Evin started his musical life born into Red Dirt/Texas Country. What began as a Red Dirt/Texas Country sound of a young college student, has evolved into a style that is uniquely his own. Evin’s live show is a mix of both old and new, covers and originals. It’s his originals that truly set him apart. His self-penned songs are a unique blend of Country, blues and stripped-down Motown soul.

Evin Brady’s voice is his calling card and his Southwestern Oklahoma roots keep him grounded in tradition.

Though you might not tell from his stage presence, Evin Brady is relatively new to the music scene, and even newer to the sound he’s made his own. His soulful, bluesy vocals are a waypoint in a musical journey of self discovery that began in red dirt and evolved through a gauntlet of naysayers. By staying true to himself however, this young troubadour has found a voice that fits his message, and fills a room quite nicely.