Em and the MotherSuperiors

Em and the MotherSuperiors bring roots music and meaningful songwriting to a brilliant, energetic crossroads. Emily Alexander of Oklahoma City turns out melodies bluesy enough to be born of a crossroads bargain. Her beau Scott Wade straps on his semi-hollow body electric, and the pair produces the type of musical love story that can only be the product of a match made in Memphis (err, heaven). Framing the sound are Nathaniel Alexander on bass, and Kenny Holloway on drums. No two shows will ever be the same and no song will ever be played the same as it was before due to the changing cast of supporting musicians. They have performed as a duo and as a seven-piece band including drums, bass, baritone sax, trumpet, synth, keys, and harmonica. The band is well known for costume themed shows from Ninja Turtles to superheroes. The band named their sound as Psychedelic Soul Music due to the soulful-dark voice of Emily and the manic electric sounds from Scott’s electric noise guitar.