Deezy is a rap artist who strives to set the standard for lyricism in the ever changing hip-hop culture. Growing up in Dallas TX, he started rapping at the age of 13 and quickly developed a passion for freestyling and writing lyrics. A few years of battling in the streets of Dallas led to a 17 year old Deezy choosing to take music more seriously. He had now officially began his growth as a hip-hop artist. Now established in OKC, he took some time off from recording to hone his skills as an engineer and producer which allowed him to acquire a degree in music production.

Fast forward to now; he has hit several stages across the US, dropped a number of projects, had multiple radio hits, and continues to show why he is lyrically one of the best to do it. Even more recently he has joined forces with the Guerrilla Breed Collective. Deezy is well on his way to leaving his mark on the hip hop community.