Hailing from Oklahoma City, OK, Don’t Blink Or You’ll Die (DBOYD) consists of one being and an aural display of various emotions with intense, energetic music written through old game consoles, accompanied by a high energy, furious live show.

His main weapon of choice is the original Nintendo Gameboy running the music tracker Little Sound DJ. He describes his music as Dance Pop w/ a Noise Rock mentality.

DBOYD has been featured on various compilations, such as Chiptunes=WIN vol. 3&4, HalloWIN, and Battle of the Bits’ Winter Chip XI. He has also performed at numerous festivals and showcases, such as Little Sound Assembly ’15 &’16, Norman Music Fest 8, 9 and 10, Square Sounds Tokyo ’16 & ’17 in Tokyo, Japan, Super Pulsewave 3 in New York City, and Freq. Fest 6.0 in Los Angeles, CA.