Claire Morales

Listen if you like: Angel Olsen, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Nancy Sinatra, Nico, the Velvet Underground.

Claire Morales began performing at 13, playing acoustic gigs at coffee shops. After singing in other acts throughout her teen years, she went on to form her own group in 2014, moving from acoustic to electric with a full band.

February of 2015 saw the release of Claire’s debut album Amaranthine, a collection of dreamy, hazy rock songs centered around childhood, nostalgia, and coming of age. The LP garnered the attention of local publications and became a calling card for various festivals and shows (including 35 Denton, NMF, Oaktopia, and Wildflower Music Fest).

Claire is currently recording her 2nd LP with plans to release in 2017.

Highlights of 2016:
– Opening for rad bands, including: Courtney Marie Andrews, La Sera, Springtime Carnivore, and Flock of Dimes
– Playing 35 Denton on Saturday night to a big excited crowd
– Tracking 2nd LP at the Echo Lab”