Chase Kerby & The Villains

Photo: Ryan Magnani

Over the past decade, Chase Kerby has been a mainstay in the Oklahoma music scene. Starting off young with his former band Chasing Paris, growing more with OKC rock band The City Lives, and maturing musically with the ambient rock outfit Defining Times. Kerby has been around for 16 years and is just getting started. At the end of 2014 he decided to go solo, exploring the depths of himself and honing in on his most important craft, songwriting. The release of his debut solo EP, “Tidal Friction,” in November of 2014 was welcomed with glowing reviews and turned the spotlight towards his ability to craft songs infused with lush textures and dynamic arrangements. Kerby released his sophomore EP (A Quiet Man)at the end of 2015. With it he showed a stripped down version of his songwriting. In September of 2017 he released a short 3 song EP tiled “LINES” as a precursor to his upcoming debut full length, “Concentrated Carbon.”