Burn the Past

Everybody has something in their history that they’re not overly proud of, or would love to go back and change or erase, and start over from the beginning. It is with this in mind that the name “Burn the Past” came about. Past circumstances have brought all the members of the rock quartet from Norman, Oklahoma together to start anew. The powerful rhythm section of James LaBrada (Bass) and Chris Olivo (Drums) dually fronted by Cody McCubbin and Clint Goldschmidt (both vocals/guitar) creates a fresh mix of vocal harmonies reminiscent of Lennon/McCartney or Staley/Cantrell. The band drives right down the center line of rock and roll under the umbrella of bands such as Foo Fighters or Chevelle, but with their own twist. With their first release, “No Longer,” the band captures the essence of what rock music is: catchy riffs, melodic, meaningful vocals, and powerful, energetic guitars. Rock music is a giant that has fallen asleep, and Burn the Past is the alarm clock to wake him back up!