Bru Swain

Bru Swain is a charismatic, full of energy artist reigning out of Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Swain’s lyrical ability and unique flow help him paint a picture with his music in a way most listeners can relate. With bouncing rhyme schemes and flow, Swain’s sound resembles a mix of Mac Miller, Hopsin, Futuristic, and more, with a blend of his own unique sound. Bru Swain released a project called “The Kill” in may of 2015. Since then, Bru Swain has opened for acts like E-40, Lil Flip, ZRO, T-Wayne, Shakewell and more. As of 2017, Swain has released multiple projects titled “The Kill 1-3” and has released a single onto iTunes, Spotify, and other on-line streaming sites.