Astral Planes

Astral Planes took shape in the fall of 2013 when Tyson Francis and David Babb recruited Chris Garneau (bass) and Matt Dietrich (drums). In April of 2014, they released the five song From Behind the Couch EP and began playing live shows throughout the OKC/Norman area. In January of 2016 Matt Dietrich went from behind the drums to replace David on lead guitar and Chris Self became the new drummer. The spacey, garage rock album Where the Light Comes In was released in July of 2016. In August of 2017, drummer Chris Self was replaced by Jerred Murphy (formerly of the Wurly Birds). Immediately, the band began putting together new material in preparation for their second LP. While not going in a different direction entirely, the new songs are a grab-bag of funk beats, Latin jazz grooves, classic rock riffs, high-energy, guitar driven pop, ‘Bakersfield Sound’ inspired country, and late 60’s psychedelia. The band plans to begin recording the new LP this winter allowing for a mid-2018 release.