American Shadows

The music flows from the depths of Downtown Tulsa. This rock and roll band from the heartland has been putting their own spin on the classic formula of 3 piece plus singer. A set from American Shadows is exciting and captivating. This project has been a real labor of love. After hearing Rusty Roberts sing a few of his songs, Jesse Hyde knew that he had to start a band with him. After a 5 year wait, the stars aligned with Ryan Meredith’s return to Tulsa and American Shadows was born. With the return of original drummer, Arron Longley, American Shadows has hit the ground running and shown no signs of stopping. Having shared the stage with many of Tulsa’s premier bands and national acts, American Shadows are making a name for themselves with their energetic performances and catchy songs. A debut full length album is in the works and hopes to be out by 2017.